Chris Sharing His Hair Growth Experience!



I don’t know if I know exactly the point in which I realized I had lost my hair. I think it was more that I started seeing pictures of myself, and I thought that the part that I had in my hair seemed to be showing more and more of the forehead. And of course, I noticed there was more hair in the bottom of the tub too.

For me, the point of thinning hair is just not a case of age. I think more importantly, I like to represent on the outside how I feel on the inside. So, I don’t necessarily feel older, and I think the best thing I could do is to represent them on the outside.

So, I started looking for opportunities on how I can improve the way my hair looks and possibly regrow the areas where it was thinning.

So, I really was looking for something that was natural, that was easy to use, and would be sustainable. Before I tried using the Theradome, I tried using a few things like combing my hair differently and trying to figure out different hair products that would help. But ultimately, it’s pretty clear I needed to find a solution that help regrow the hair where possible, and I came across the idea for Theradome. It seemed pretty obvious to me this was something that was new to the market but also took advantage of some new technology.

And within about 60 days, I definitely noticed a couple of things. First, there was almost no hair in the bottom of the uh shower after I shampooed. And second, my wife actually noticed my hair seemed thicker and fuller.

I knew it was gonna make my hair look thicker and fuller, and make the hair I had be more healthy. But now, I’m actually starting to see a small amount of hair regrowth in areas that didn’t have. And to me, that’s really exciting too.

Couple of my friends were asking me about why my hair looks so good. And I put a few aside and mentioned the Theradome to them. It’s definitely something I’d recommend to anybody who’s looking in to improve the quality of their hair, and help with the hair loss and hair thinning.